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The Hogwarts Ghosts fanlisting

This site is the only one approved by The Fanlistings Network for the ghosts of Hogwarts.


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Listing belongs to Jessica Autumn (thanks to Mary).
The last update was on 24th January 2018 and there are 77 members (with 0 pending).
The newest member is Elisabeth!


 Character: Dobby Character: Dumbledore, Albus Character: Finnegan, Seamus Character: Hufflepuff, Helga Character: Longbottom, Neville Character: Mad-Eye Moody Character: Malfoy, Lucius Character: Weasley, Arthur Characters: Gryffindor Boys Characters: Ravenclaws Item: Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans Item: Marauder's Map Misc: Magic Misc: Paganism Misc: White Magic Places: Wizarding World Relationship: Draco and Lucius Malfoy Spell: Accio

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